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Your Source for Preventative Pet Care in St. Paul MN


If your pet always seems strong, healthy and comfortable, you may not see the need for something as mundane sounding as routine physical exams and other forms of preventative pet care. But the truth of the matter is that there's nothing routine or trivial about these important wellness procedures. Many diseases and disorders, including potential killers such as cancer, may sneak up on your pet until you suddenly have a sick animal in need of extensive treatment services.

Our team at Como Park Animal Hospital can help you avoid this unfortunate scenario by providing top-quality preventative pet care in St. Paul MN. We emphasize a life long preventative care approach to our patients’ healthcare. No matter what life stage your pet is in, proactive routine pet care can add time and quality to their life and yours.

Twice Yearly Health Exams
Immunizations (vaccines)
• Fecal Testing
• Wellness Screening
• Pre-Anesthetic Diagnostics
Sterilization Surgeries
Dental Care
• Pain Management
• Behavior Counseling
• Diet Counseling
• General Husbandry Counseling
• End of Life Care and Counseling

Understanding Your Pet's Routine Physical Exam: What We Check For

We generally recommend that adult pets with no known health conditions receive a routine physical exam once a year. (Puppies, kittens, geriatric pets and pets undergoing treatment for a known condition may require more frequent checkups.) A typical wellness exam includes such basic steps as:

  • Lab tests and vital signs - Blood and urine samples can reveal systemic disorders, cancer and other issues that require treatment, while stool samples can alert us to the presence of parasites. We also check vital signs such as heart rate, temperature and blood pressure.
  • Ears - We examine the ears for signs of infestation by mites, a common pest that can cause irritation and ear infections.
  • Eyes - We can tell whether your pet's eyes are infected, inflamed, injured or developing cataracts.
  • Rectal - The rectal exam can reveal problems such as blocked anal glands, which can become painfully infected if not expressed.
  • Mouth - Examination of the oral cavity can uncover signs of periodontal (gum) disease, a common dental affliction caused by unchecked tartar buildup and bacterial infiltration. We can also check the mouth for damaged teeth and indications of oral cancer.
  • Skin and coat - We will examine your pet's skin and coat carefully for any signs of trouble. Bald patches and skin pustules, for instance, may alert us to a case of sarcoptic mange, while firm lumps under the skin could be cancerous tumors.
  • Weight - We will weigh your pet to see whether he is at risk for obesity.

Preventative Care Discussions and Recommendations

The preventative wellness exam isn't just a series of tests -- it's also an opportunity to talk with your veterinarian about any recent changes in your pet's eating habits, behavior, activity level or sensory responses. We can advise you on home care best practices while also recommending any treatments your pet may need based on the exam findings.

Schedule Preventative Pet Care in St. Paul MN

Now that you know exactly why pet preventative care is so important and what to expect from it, take a critical leap forward in your pet's health and happiness today. Call 651-487-3255 today to schedule a wellness exam and other preventative pet care in St. Paul MN. Your special friend deserves no less!